Happyness Is a Choice

At Zumapalooza 2012, we launched our Happyness Is a Choice program with a goal to donate $1 million in five years. At the time, we committed to allocating a portion of each of our sales to the nonprofits in our communities and those close to our hearts. Since then, we’ve donated more than $850,000 to nearly 200 nonprofits and individuals in our networks.

  • To broaden the impact, we launched an additional annual fundraising campaign in 2013, raising over $63,000 for Second Harvest Food Bank.
  • Then in 2015 we raised another $51,000—this time for Operation Smile whom we learned about from Zumapalooza keynote speaker Shawn Achor. As a result, we were able to send two people on a medical mission to David, Panama to witness Operation Smile in action.
  • In 2016, the Zumasys team raised $50,827 for Firm Foundations Romania (FFR). FFR is one of the many amazing non-profits we have had the privilege of meeting over the last 4 years. FFR started by providing diapers for children who are abandoned at a local hospital in Brasov. After Zumasys employees visited Romania, we were inspired by their international volunteer program to hold, feed, change and care for these children; their after school programs; and their recent initiative to successfully transition kids to a university. Zumasys is thrilled to be partnering with FFR in 2016 to support their growing list of education and building initiatives in Romania and we invite you to join us. Stay tuned for additional details.

And while it feels great to be able to write a check, the latest evolution of Happyness Is a Choice is about personally connecting our stakeholders (employees, customers, vendors and extended network) with the organizations and the recipients of our giving through volunteering. Our emphasis is evolving from giving to serving.

Happyness is a Choice – Our Story

2017 Goal

  • Continue to seek out new and creative ways to connect our people with meaning in their work
  • Serve side-by-side with our customers and partners in the community
  • Develop authentic relationships with our customers in the process
  • Strive towards our ultimate goal of donating $1 million to the nonprofits that matter to our stakeholders
  • Combine our passion for International Travel with impactful volunteering experiences by partnering with Firm Foundations of Romania (FFR)

How can we serve together? If you’re passionate about a cause, let us know.


A few of the non-profits we support:

Firm Foundations Romania

The mission of Firm Foundations Romania is to provide diapers and aid to the abandoned babies at the Brasov Children’s Hospital and a variety of services and after school programs for the village of Budila.


Operation Smile

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is an international children’s medical charity that performs safe, effective cleft lip and cleft palate surgery, and delivers postoperative and ongoing medical therapies to children in low and middle income countries.


Northrise University Initiative

Northrise University Initiative

Northrise University Initiative supports Northrise University, a Christ-centered educational institution dedicated to equipping men and women to work in ministry and business to contribute to the spiritual and economic transformation of Zambia.


Happyness in Motion: Employees spending more time doing what makes them happy.

  • At Zumasys, every employee may request up to 20 hours (per year) for time during the workweek (M-F) to pursue your personal passion for service!  This time will be utilized/paid time.
  • This can be serving, volunteering at school, community service, etc. – Using your talents and strengths!