Get the features you always wanted but didn’t think were possible

Many MultiValue customers today are torn between the database on which they’ve built their custom business applications and their users’ desires for modern, mainstream interfaces with anytime, anywhere access. With MultiValue developers in short supply, many Pick customers will look to alternative ERP systems and databases for new features.

With nearly two dozen Pick MultiValue developers and engineers on staff, Zumasys is in a unique position to help D3, UniVerse, UniData, and jBASE customers enhance and modernize their Pick applications. With Zumasys, customers gain an enthusiastic team that averages more than 30 years of experience with MultiValue systems. We help customers achieve major cost savings, gain flexibility, improve performance, and transform their business to get the features they’ve always wanted but didn’t think were possible.

What is MultiValue?

Zumasys Senior Software Development Manager Josh Camacho and Senior Database Architect Martin Phillips describe the qualities and benefits of a MultiValue database in this short video.

We have the largest software development team in the MultiValue market. How can we help?

We love your legacy apps.

Zumasys specializes in bringing Pick systems that look old and antiquated into the 21st Century. Don’t throw away decades of customization just because you’re tired of a green screen. Our developers can modernize the look and feel of your MultiValue system and add on features such as integration with web, email, and PDF. Services include:

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Systems integration

Today, data is the key to success. We can help you integrate your D3 database with other database systems and reporting tools that make it easy to access the data in your D3 system. Better access to your data makes it easier to make informed decisions for growing revenue and increasing profits. Services include:

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