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Visualize, and Analyze All Your Data in One Place


Rover BI is an affordable data discovery solution that allows you to access, blend and cleanse data regardless of where it lives. Intuitive analytics and interactive visuals empower your users and provide them with detailed insights into your business. Rover BI is easy-to-use, it’s web-based and it allows you to start making better, data-driven decisions immediately.

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Why Choose Rover BI?

Gain Insight into Every Aspect of Your Organization

Rover BI transforms disjointed and disorganized data into unified information that is meaningful to executives, department managers and business users.

Comprehensive Data Access

Rover BI makes company-wide collaboration easier by providing a single access point to all your data, regardless of the source. Import multiple spreadsheets to create a custom data source and automatically import mappings and links with the click of a button.


Self-Service, On Demand Reporting

When it comes to analyzing data, a picture is worth a thousand rows. Rover BI’s Data Visualizations are powerful and enable you to quickly create:

• Interactive trend and multi-series charts
• Traditional spreadsheet-style grids
• Graphs and maps with global colors
• All kinds of custom visuals showing what’s happening within your organization via plug-ins

Access Real-Time Data

Managers, Executives, Partners and other business users can now access real-time data to answer key business questions. Straightforward implementation and self-service data analysis and dashboard creation makes it easy to achieve user adoption. An easy to use, intuitive interface helps you visualize the big picture.

How Pioneer Packaging Optimized Operational Efficiency with Rover BI

Discover how Rover BI became a core part of Pioneer Packaging’s business strategy

Key Features

Integrated web-based platform

No need to switch tools for different functionality; access on any device.

Easy, fast data access

Connect to ANY database, spreadsheet, or unstructured data stream, all without time-consuming data warehousing or cubing.

Drag and drop support

Simply import data from Excel or CSV with just one click.

Intelligent visualization

Automatically create meaningful visualizations that can be published, shared, and embedded into other applications.

Compare feature

With just a few clicks, create side-by-side visual analyses with interactive comparison boards.

Sharing and Collaboration

Comment and collaborate on shared content. Securely publish Reports inside websites and portals with a simple hyperlink.

Enterprise-level performance

Handles millions of data points with fast data rendering.

Predictable cost structure

Simple, flexible pricing structure based on platform usage.

It’s Easy to Setup Rover BI

With simple SaaS subscription pricing and quick setup, let us show you how easy it is to turn your data into actionable information.

  • No need to configure a new server, Zumasys will set up and host your reporting server for you at no additional cost.
  • No need to distract your employees with creating the API’s to connect to Rover BI, Zumasys Professional Services department will write your API’s for you and connect as few or as many data areas as you would like.
  • With a little bit of training from Zumasys, your employees will be off and running, creating powerful visuals and dashboards in no time.
  • Rover BI connects to all your application(s) with powerful and fast APIs and RESTful Services. We support all databases, including these MultiValue platforms and others – Universe, D3, OpenQM, and jBASE.