Payment Processing

Unleash your business with Rover Pay credit card processing from Zumasys.

Add immediate value to any MultiValue application with our powerful gateway for payment devices and processing networks. Rover Pay provides easy-to-use APIs, PCI compliance and dramatically lower fees your merchant services.

Our goal is to improve security while cutting your credit card processing costs and increasing efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Fraud & Risk

  • Card Vaulting and Storage

  • Direct PIN Pad Integration

  • Tokenized Card on File

  • EMV Payment & Smart Card

  • Simple, Intuitive Interface

  • Secure Data Access

  • Enable PCI-Compliance

Easy to Implement

Rover Pay connects you directly to card reading devices and processing networks. With our simplified
interface and a detailed integration guide, you need just a few modifications to your code.

Universally Compatible

Supports XML, JSON, SQL and NoSQL systems along with MultiValue system, Universe, D3, jBASE, OpenQM
running on any environments, Windows, Linux, Unix, and AIX.

Simplified Security

We’ve simplified the process of PCI compliance through secure tokenized vaulting and storage of Payment Card Information. This reduces the need for expensive, complex PCI auditing.

Analytics Designed for Success

Uncover the hidden stories behind your sales data and customer spending patterns, growing sales, improve marketing efforts, and find new customers.

Discover Corken made the leap to Rover Pay’s integrated payment solution

Discover how Rover BI became a core part of Pioneer Packaging’s business strategy

Key Features

• Secure Card Vaulting
• Multiple Merchant Capable
• Chip PIN
• Multiple Processing Protocols
• Unlimited Transactions
• Three Second Authorizations
• Transaction Querying
• Post Voids and Returns
• Adjustments and Gratuity

• Hold and Release Funds
• CVV2, CV2 and CID
• Level II Commercial and Purchasing Cards
• Level III Commercial and Purchasing Cards
• Address Verification
• Device Integration
• Multiple Threads High-Volume processing
• Simple Developer API

It’s Easy to Setup Rover Pay

For Developers and Merchants

Zumasys is a champion of MultiValue and the proven leader of products and services that improve outcomes for PICK developers. Our easy to implement solutions connect your application to the modern world and Rover Pay provides the merchant services efficiency that you need to compete.

For Resellers

We realize the best way to grow your business is through strong relationships. Our reseller program allows you to build those relationships while benefiting from a monthly residual cash-flow.