Integrated Retail Management

Fully Integrated Point-of-Sale and Online Sales Platform That Ties into Your ERP System

Customer buying habits and expectations are vastly different in today’s post-pandemic age. Now more than ever, you need a POS solution that meets your customers where they are at right now and still adapts to their ever-changing requirements. Rover POS is the only solution that takes advantage of your legacy investments and allows you to continually improve the point-of-sale experience for your customers.

If your goal is to increase productivity, improve accountability, enhance accuracy, and reduce costs, then look no further.

Smart Solutions for Today’s Businesses

Rover POS brings together the features you need to manage and sell your products across all your different channels. With integration to your inventory control system, or optional Rover real-time inventory management, your team will always be on the same page regardless of location or sales channel.

Fully Integrated

Rover POS combines our leading edge point-of-sale, e-commerce and merchant services with your own proven ERP and other business functions into one neat, easy-to-use solution for your business.

Complete Flexibility

With our modular approach, you can utilize just the POS and payment components you need, while maintaining a clear path forward as your business expands. Plus, Rover POS can be customized dynamically ensuring that you never have to upgrade your POS solution again.

Reliable Partner

With over 30 years in the POS industry, we understand that providing secure retail software is only part of a successful solution. You need a partner who understands your business, helps you protect your investments and cares about your long term success.

Revolutionizing Retail & Wholesale: The “Impossible” Synergy of POS and PICK MultiValue ERP

Discover how Rover POS revolutionized daily operations of both Factory Motor Part’s retail and wholesale locations

Key Benefits

• Proven POS with Real-time Inventory Control
• Friendly Responsive Support
• Cost-Effective & Efficient
• Compatible with Your Existing Databases and Applications

• Easy-to-Use Interface
• Minimal Training Required
• Safe and Secure
• PCI Compliant

Modules available for integration

All of the following modules are available, or Rover POS can be integrated with your existing and legacy applications.

+ Point-of-Sale/Cash Register
+ General Merchandise
+ Fully Integrated e-Commerce
+ Accounts Receivable
+ Food Service Management
+ Accounts Payable

+ General Ledger
+ Mobile POS Tablet Devices
+ Pricing and Labeling
+ Flexible Payment Options
+ Merchant Services

It’s Easy to Setup Rover POS

System Compatibility

Rover POS runs on the latest Windows POS platforms, our eCommerce solutions are compatible with all modern web interfaces, and best of all, we are experts at directly integrating our POS with your legacy business systems.

System Flexibility

Rover POS uses standard desktop technologies which allows us to provide the best configurations possible while keeping costs at a minimum. In many cases, we can take advantage of hardware you may already have in place.