Zumasys offers a complete line of applications, ERP systems and POS solutions for distributors, manufacturers and the higher education community.

Rover Data Systems

Scalable ERP solution for manufacturers and distributors

Rover ERP is a complete operations, accounting, and inventory control solution geared to the manufacturing industry. Rover is designed to continually adapt to the needs of growing businesses. From manufacturing production control to planning and forecasting to CRM/sales, the features of Rover play together in perfect harmony giving you one source of truth for the entire customer life cycle.

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Total Computing Systems

Comprehensive point of sale (POS) software for retail customers and college stores

SmartSuite by TCS is a fully integrated retail management solution that adjusts to your changing POS and inventory management needs. SmartSuite includes an online and mobile webstore, point of sale, accounts receivable and merchant services all integrated into one, easy to use solution.

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Flexible, affordable software for today’s manufacturers

PRO:MAN is an MRP solution for small to medium sized manufacturers. Reasonably priced, remarkably easy to install, and requiring minimal support, PRO:MAN provides full accounting, inventory control and visibility into your production and capacity planning requirements including just in time shipments without overstocking. Due to its simplicity, most PRO:MAN installations run without a dedicated computer support staff.

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EAO Computing

Software for the SHIMS distribution system

The SHIMS system is used by some of the largest wholesale distributors in the United States. These customers rely on EAO Computing and Zumasys for development and support services and our broad portfolio of SHIMS-ready solutions including:

  • Accounts Receivable Automation – Cloud Street Portal
  • API Integration – MVConnect
  • Avalara, TaxJar, Magento, iPayables
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting – Phocas Software
  • Databases – jBASE is the primary database for SHIMS
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) – JMO Software
  • Web and Windows Applications that access SHIMS data in real-time
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Inventory Management Accounting Control Systems for distributors

IMACS is a suite of software modules specifically developed to meet inventory management and accounting needs of growing wholesale distributors. IMACS includes integrated order entry, inventory management, financials, EDI and more. Sales and financial reports have a wide variety of selection and sorting options available to help meet the specific reporting needs of each application module.

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Zumasys provides jBASE and OpenQM, two powerful NoSQL databases for the next generation of developers who are supporting Pick MultiValue applications.


With jBASE, it’s easy to modernize your MultiValue application

jBASE is our enterprise-class NoSQL database for MultiValue applications. Scalable to thousands of user, jBASE is the only “native” application platform for Pick. jBASE is unique in that it “transpiles” your BASIC code to C which brings your application directly in line with the underlying operating system. By removing restrictive interpretive layers and Virtual Machine Environments (VMEs), jBASE makes it dramatically easier to attract new developers; to improve the look and feel of your application; and to implement features such as Docker containers, built-in support for the MongoDB NoSQL database, and standard APIs for Salesforce, Avalara, and more.

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The MultiValue database that evolves as fast as your application

OpenQM is a high-performance, self-tuning MultiValue database that fits into an extremely efficient footprint. OpenQM is continually updated with new features including auto-sizing of files, object oriented programming, class and exception handling and more. Available at a fraction of the price of all other MultiValue databases, OpenQM comes bundled with AccuTerm 7 and world class support from Zumasys.

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From remote access, to reporting, to API and credit card integration, our tools help to modernize applications and connect them to the outside world effortlessly and using standard open source technologies.


Access your Pick MultiValue system where and when it is needed

AccuTerm is the most popular terminal emulation software for Pick MultiValue. A powerful remote access tool that includes robust Cloud capabilities, AccuTerm is beloved for its powerful features and affordable price point. In addition to providing seamless, secure connectivity from Windows, Web and Mobile clients, AccuTerm comes bundled with several features including ReZume for session persistence and AccuTerm GUI for graphical interfaces that are driven from Pick BASIC.

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API integration & RESTful Services for Pick MultiValue

MVConnect provides API connectivity and allows web developers who are familiar with responsive web design to send and receive data from Pick MultiValue applications. Enjoy pre-written APIs for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SendGrid, Avalara and more or use our open-source RESTful connectivity toolkit to connect to whatever you’d like. MVConnect is the only database-independent solution for users of D3, jBASE, OpenQM, Universe and Unidata meaning you won’t get locked into any one vendor’s technology stack.

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Real-time business intelligence, dashboards and reports

MV Dashboard allows you to quickly present your critical Pick data through a web-based graphical interface that connects to your D3, Universe, Unidata, jBASE or OpenQM system. MV Dashboard requires zero programming to get started and comes with 25 pre-written reports for tracking sales, gross profit, margins, receivables, and payables.

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Safe, simple and easy credit card processing

TotaLink is a payment gateway solution that provides cost-effective credit card processing for virtually any application or database including all Pick MultiValue systems. TotaLink connects your ERP system directly to today’s card devices and processing networks with just a few modifications to your code. TotaLink provides PCI compliance through secure tokenized vaulting.

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