Modernize your MultiValue Application with RESTful Web Services

Today’s businesses rely on access to modern technologies, web and mobile applications, and cloud solutions. If you run a MultiValue database, you may think you are stuck in the past, but that is no longer the case. Now, you don’t have to choose between the modern applications your users expect and the database on which you’ve built your business.

Create modern, browser-based user interfaces that are built on Web 2.0 frameworks, such as Angular JS. Integrate with popular SaaS-based applications like Salesforce™, Workday™, and NetSuite™. Connect your MultiValue application to RESTful Web Services with MV Connect and reinvent the way you connect to your MultiValue application.

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Whether you run UniData, UniVerse, D3, or OpenQM, you are now able use RESTful Web Services with MV Connect. RESTful Web Services give mainstream developers the familiar tools they need to rejuvenate your MultiValue application.

*RESTful web services is natively included in jBASE.

Scott Electric Uses RESTful Services
to Build Ordering System

Like many Pick MultiValue users that have been around for a while, Scott’s inventory management, purchasing, and accounting systems still relied on “green-screen” technology and database platforms. While that worked OK for business as usual, in order to keep pace with the needs of their growing customer base, Scott Electric needed a modern, web-based platform. The goal was to streamline sales, warehouse management, and communication with customers. The company turned to MVConnect.

Zumasys Makes It Easy

Zumasys helps organizations seamlessly integrate modern and legacy systems—easily preparing older infrastructure for future integrations. Businesses can instantly unlock API connectivity to popular applications and services, allowing integration with just about any application or service. Maintain decades of priceless business logic while embracing the technologies of tomorrow, today.

  • Eliminate vendor lock-in. Use mainstream Web 2.0 frameworks and technologies developed by Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Ensure flexibility for the future. Integrate your application with modern API interoperability with popular applications.
  • Reduce costs and risk. Avoid the expensive, risky and time-consuming process of replacing a MultiValue system.
  • Maximize Stability. Embrace your current application and maintain your customized business processes and software.

Ready to modernize your Pick MultiValue system? We can help!

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