Welcome to the MultiValue Dashboard support page. This area of our site is intended to help resolve questions that may arise while using our products, and to help you learn how to use the software better. We want you to be satisfied with the software purchased and we hope that MultiValue Dashboard will help you be more productive.

Feel free to contact us at (866) ZUMASYS or email [email protected] with support questions.




What are the supported platforms for MultiValue Dashboard?

MultiValue Dashboard is supported on the following platforms:

  • D3
    • AIX 7.5.1 and above on AIX 6 or 7
    • Linux 7.5.1 and above on Red Hat Linux 5 – 6.1 (32 bit & 64 bit)
    • Windows 7.5.5 and above on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 and 2008
  • jBASE
    • Linux
    • Windows
  • OpenQM
    • Linux
    • Windows
  • UniData
    • Linux
    • Windows
  • UniVerse
    • Linux
    • Windows

What are the browser requirements for MultiValue Dashboard?

MultiValue Dashboard is supported on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome

D3 is on my Linux machine. How do I connect from Windows to the Linux D3?

When you load MultiValue Dashboard onto your D3/Linux machine, the MultiValue Dashboard will create a webserver on that machine. You can then access MultiValue Dashboard from any of your machines connected to that webserver using a web browser.

Is Zumasys available to help with programming for MultiValue Dashboard?

Yes. Please contact [email protected] or call 866-ZUMASYS for a quote.

I am having problems with the source code editor.

There is a reported bug in the dashboard source code editor. We are working to duplicate and resolve the reported issue. Until resolved, it is recommended that the dashboard source code editor ONLY be used for viewing source code. If intending to create, or modify, source code use ED, WED, or your normal source code editor.

I keep getting an "unknown" error when installing the database.

Did you attempt to use a password for the MVDASHBOARD user ID? On the initial install, there would normally not be one used.

Try this:

  • Delete the MVDASHBOARD user if one exists
  • Delete the MVDB account if one exists
  • Remove the D3 Password in the Database Setup
  • Save the changes in the Database Setup
  • Try the Install again for the Install Dashboard Software

After installing the dashboard, I am unable to log in for the first time using the ADMIN user id.

You have installed an early version of the dashboard that had an incorrect password associated with the ADMIN user. Newer versions of the dashboard have resolved this and added some additional features. Download and install the latest version of the dashboard.

How is MultiValue Dashboard licensed? Are dashboard users tied to the D3 user count?

MultiValue Dashboard is licensed per user for each D3 database instance.

What's the difference between a single user license and a multi-user license?

The single user license is free and a multi-user license is paid. To buy or obtain pricing for either a single user license or a multi-user license, click here. The single user license is best used for evaluation and by developers who would obtain a multi-user license when ready for full implementation.

What happens when I want to upgrade from the single user license to the multi-user license?

Contact [email protected] and a new System ID will be provided.

Does MultiValue Dashboard work with mvBase?

MultiValue Dashboard currently is not available for mvBase. There are plans for an mvBase version however we do not have a scheduled release date at this time.

Is MultiValue Dashboard available for jBASE, UniVerse & UniData?

Currently, MultiValue Dashboard is only available for D3 but we are planning to release versions for jBASE, UniVerse, and UniData, in Q3 of 2015.

Does MultiValue Dashboard use FlashCONNECT for connectivity?

No. MultiValue Dashboard uses its own software specifically designed to act as a combination Web server and D3 connector.

Does MultiValue Dashboard have to run on the same server as D3?

Yes. MultiValue Dashboard can only run on the server on which D3 is installed.

How do you get started creating your own widgets?

When you log in to the dashboard as user ADMIN, you will see a tab for Admin Area. That tab will then give you tabs for Users, Widgets, and Dashboards. Under Dashboards, you will see several dashboards provided with the base system. In the Actions column you will see an icon to click for Edit Dashboard. Click on the Edit Dashboard for Chart Demo to see an example of how a dashboard is configured. You will note that Chart Demo consists of several widgets.

After checking out dashboards, click on the Widgets tab and you will see many widgets provided with the base system. Clicking on an item in the Widget ID column will show the display of the widget. Clicking on the associated item in the Subroutine column will show you the code used to program that widget. That code is found in the MVDB.SUBS file. To create your own widget subroutine use one of existing as a template and add your modifications. In addition to building your subroutine, you would use the Add a Widget icon to create the widget as a record in the MVDB.WIDGETS file. You must create a dashboard referencing your widget, or add your widget to an existing dashboard.

Are the widgets scalable?

Set you W$WIDTH to 3 to get the full width on the widget.

Chose 1 column as your dashboard type to get full width within the dashboard.  To stack multiple widgets into the dashboard, do it vertically.

If the horizontal width is not sufficient to get a good display with columnar charts then use bar charts and play with the W$CHART.HEIGHT to get the window necessary to display your entire chart.

Are FusionWidgets and Maps supported?

Zumasys has licensed a third-party product called FusionCharts as part of the MultiValue Dashboard product. FusionCharts has advanced features supporting FusionWidgets and Maps at an additional cost. Zumasys does not currently offer those features but may in the future with the additional cost passed on via different licensing options.

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