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Did You Know?

NetApp has momentum. They enjoyed 50% growth in product revenues this quarter and it’s stock just hit a 52-week high, it is growing faster than EMC and they won Storage Magazine’s #1 Enterprise Array of the Year Award.


Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry

Announcing Citrix Receiver for BlackBerry

BlackBerry is the mobile solution for the majority of enterprises, so Receiver for BlackBerry represents a major step forward in connectivity. Receiver is the universal client at the heart of the Citrix strategy for delivering enterprise apps as a service.


Cisco now selling servers

Cisco is Now Selling Blade Servers

Cisco came out with their new server platform this past year. Cisco Blade Chassis and Rack-mount Servers have price points that are extremely competitive with other server manufacturers (starting at $4,712 for the C-Series).


Jay Otto

Zumasys Honors Jay Otto

Several Zumasys employees spent the day at Disney’s California Adventure on March 29th, honoring the third anniversary of the day we lost Jay Otto.