M3 ERP Version 9.0 is now available

M3 ERP version 9.0 Millennium III ERP version 9.0 has been officially released. Some of the highlights of this release are: Reports were changed to utilize the new proportionally spaced font capabilities. Created a document control module to enter controlled documents and track revision history. Released the web-based Customer and Vendor Portals. These allow access to…


Rover Data Systems News & Events Archive

November, 2015 – Rover Data Systems will have a booth at the Small Business Expo in Los Angeles, CA. We will also give a 45 minute presentation on ERP software selection and Cloud based software options. October, 2015 – Rover Data Systems announces the release of version 9.0 of its flagship ERP system. March, 2015…


zumasys joins veeam cloud connect program

Zumasys Joins Veeam Cloud Program

Cloud Connect provides a simple way for customers to protect against the risk of catastrophic data loss without owning, managing and maintaining hardware at a second site, or struggling with data transfer and security issues of public cloud backup.