How to Avoid the iOS 6.1 Bug

The iOS 6.1 bug generates an abnormally high amount of transaction logs when an iPhone or iPad user syncs a mailbox using Exchange ActiveSync.


Where in the World Would You Go?

In order of tenure, give one employee per quarter $3,000 and five days of additional paid time off to travel somewhere outside of North America. No strings attached.


crn annual report card

Cisco – New Front Runner in Midrange Servers

One of the most eye-popping victories in all of this year’s Annual Report Card categories is the full subcategory all-sweep win in a product category by a vendor that didn’t even play in that category as recently as three years ago.


To Cloud or Not to Cloud…

One day the price to move to the cloud will be eclipsed by the cost of 3-5 days of downtime. Only you will know when that day comes for your business.


Zumasys: Gaining Through Giving

The last thing I expected to see at a business conference was a hippie throwing Frisbees into the audience. As much as I like the discus (heck, I was born in the 70s), I was skeptical.


zumasys logicmonitor

Monitoring Opens New Sales, Service Opps for Zumasys

As a growing cloud services provider to SMBs around North America, Zumasys wanted to proactively inform onsite clients about potential datacenter and network problems, overcome any internal technology issues before they affected its cloud customers, and find a solution that could even become its own profit center.